Habitat among the darkness Admonishing human differences Treating others with disrespect Even when opposing desires object Resisting a caring, loving nature Submitting to loathing behavior   – Anneberly Andrews –

The Message

  The feelings that are bottled up deep inside my soul, are . . . well . . . how do I explain this . . . I suppose, I am desensitized and numb to life being stripped away from the human body. I used to cry at the loss of a loved one or […]

Free Your Imagination

  Write drunk; edit sober – Earnest Hemingway An intoxicated mind turns off all blockers and filters as it embellishes the idea of being free. The idea behind writing drunk and editing sober is to simplify your writing and its process. Allow your imagination the freedom it needs to soar. Don’t become caught up in […]

Theater Illusions

  In a theater, where new adventures await Drawn into the shadows of an unsuspecting mate   Higher than a kite, he disappears out of sight Leaving behind mysterious shimmers of white   Visions of my reality clearly snapped in two When I devoured a pretzel with cheese fondue   I followed vicariously through the […]