Sleeping Spring

  Oh the gentle breeze And lovely blossoms of spring Masked in cold degrees   – Anneberly Andrews –   Written for Chelsea Owens Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest Springtime Haiku.

In the Light of a Full Moon

  In the most eastern part of the world. High above the salty sea. Stands an ancient, quiet, little village. A village where most people dare not go. A village filled with wands, magical spells, black cauldrons, flying broomsticks, cloaks, and pointy hats. When the wind howls beneath the light of the full moon, the […]

The Antique Pin

Where am I? What happened? The last thing I remember, I was sitting at a table in this popular vegan restaurant reading a romance novel. A sparkle caught my eye. I looked. And laying on the floor near my table was an antique sewing pin. Although it was antique, it looked brand new, and unused. […]

A Young Concord

    Long ago, the sun brightly hung high above our flourishing city. Rising and setting with the promise of a new day. The heat and energy from its rays built up inside our inner cores, providing us stability, vigor, and lifelong satisfaction. Until, one day, the sun disappeared below the horizon as thick, ebony […]


Safety awaits beyond the wooden gate. – Anneberly Andrews –   Written for Sue Vincent’s weekly Thursday Photo Prompt Invitation #writephoto.

Spooled Memories

9 o’clock at night, the air was still. A speck of dust would be amplified like a megaphone if it were to skim across the floor right at this moment. Much of my bedroom was dark, excluding the corner of my bed where a small lamp shines down on me as I sit curled up, […]

Words Are Powerless Without Action

If you want to be a writer – stop talking about it and sit down and write! – Jackie Collins – There are times in our lives where we all could benefit from the words of Jackie Collins. This quote may be directed towards people who talk about writing, but make up excuses not to […]