A diamond in the rough Isn’t that tough   As he dances in the daylight And even at night   He thinks he’s quite elegant Ha! Like an elephant   His mannerisms aren’t too shabby Pretty lazy like a tabby   His intellect isn’t book smarts He’s got a gigantic heart   People think […]

Embarrassing Dinner Guest

“Kristy, a letter came for you in the mail.” Her mother hollered as she stepped inside and closed the front door behind her. “Really?” she squealed, and darted down the hallway to the stairs. Her right big toe caught the banister, “ouch!” she screamed as the forward momentum threw her off balance. Her head was […]

Blanket of Snow

Blanket of snow, comforts sleeping creature.   – Anneberly Andrews –   Thursday Photo Prompt hosted by Sue Vincent Snowfall #writephoto, decided on a six word story this week.

Creating You

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw – It is true that a common quote/saying regarding life, is about finding yourself. At times, well most of the time actually, and because I tend to be more of a literal type of person, those words are confusing. Don’t you already […]

Hidden Treasure

“Mom, I’m heading to bed!” I hollered from the entrance of my bedroom. “What, darling? What did you say?” she asked as she made her way down the hallway. I was just about to holler again, when she appeared in the doorway, “Jeez, mom, you startled me. Besides, I almost hollered in your face. I […]

Noises Everywhere

    What’s with these ear piercing, skin crawling sounds? They are eating me alive, I just can’t stick around.   Where would I go? These noises are everywhere. They’ve even made appearances in my nightmares.   Please save me from these “schlik, squish, slurp” type noises, Before I become psychotic, and start hearing them […]