A Valentine’s Party at School

  Kit’s desk is located in the back corner of the classroom, away from everyone else. She’s self-conscious, because skunks release a powerful spray when they feel threatened. But Kit has never felt threatened while at school. Cub and Pup are best friends. Together they made valentines for the school party. They remembered Mrs. Rabbit […]

Ancient Love Letters

  In an old abandoned Victorian hotel Purchased by the handsome, Mr. Bell   The dust has gathered nine inches deep “What a relief it’ll be to finally sweep”   Lost behind the dusty mailbox wall Letters were found from a faint call   “Wait! A voice? From brittle letters?” “Oh, I understand. It’s our […]

Young Grenaldo

Grenaldo was born with two rare diseases, one caused him to age too quickly, and the other caused him to grow too quickly. He was a ten-year old boy trapped in a man’s body of thirty, but his appearance reflected that of a fifty year old. He had heard of this magical sword that would […]

A New Home

  “Africa!” his mother trumpeted. He did not reply. He was having too much fun playing with the other calves. Flopping their heads back and forth, swinging their trunks to and fro, and pretending to trip and fall, without actually meeting the ground, face to dirt. This game was the most exciting, and the most […]

A Girl Named Katherine

Second appearance on my blog. Name: Savanna A. Age: 14 years old Words: 1,733 The year was 1696. A girl named Katherine lived in a far off town. She didn’t have many friends and everyone thought she was strange. There was another girl, who by the way, was also considered strange. But it wasn’t just […]

Office Heist

“Midnight. Tonight. Garrison. You got it?” Kevin slowly, yet sternly stated. “Dude, I’m not an idiot. I understand English.” Garrison annoyingly snapped back. “Wear black clothing, and a ski mask. We can’t risk our identity being discovered. We could lose our jobs.” “I don’t know why we have to do this.” Garrison spoke with concern […]

Endless Love

In the midst of these circumstances I mourn In the midst of these circumstances I’m reborn   Heavy like the downpour of rain But light enough to ease the pain   Wrapped up in the fragrance of the living Utterly grateful this beauty’s wildly giving   I feel the gentleness of her lips on mine […]