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When I was young, even though I was a heavy reader, English was not my strong suit. I excelled in math, science, any art related class, and any type of physical education class. The Indian in the Cupboard series written by Lynne Reid Banks was my absolute favorite series as a child. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I read and reread these books. It was incredible that I was able to put myself right into the story as if I was standing on the sidelines experiencing all the adventures with these wonderful characters.

I became a mother when I was a Sophomore in high school. My first-born changed the entire makeup of my world. She added innocence to my life, something that I had lost four years earlier. I was humbled that this beautiful little angel came to me before I legally entered the adult world. I was truly blessed in so many ways. My mind began to change, and my creative side was moving to the foreground.

I enrolled in an at home writing course, to which I did not finish. Yes, sadly, I allowed life to take the lead; I did not feel in charge of my life. I went with the flow, instead of securing the path that I wanted to take. I wrote here and there, but was not consistent. I was great at starting a new piece, but not so great at finishing it. One day, I was inspired to write a poem. Not only did I start it, but I had also completed it – – and then – – I submitted it in a poetry contest. In 2004, Famouspoets.com published my poem in On the Wings of Poetry. That day was such a magical day. My imagination soared once again, and once again, it landed fairly quickly.

I then enrolled in college, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in English, so that I could take my writing to a new level. At the time, I was interested in reading classic literature, Little Women written by Louisa May Alcott was one of my favorites. Five children later, I was still inconsistent in allowing my imagination the freedom that it needed. Until one day, three months ago actually, my incredible husband wanted to start a travel blog – – vivacitytravel.com. He is my hero and my inspiration. I truly am blessed that he is my husband. He wholeheartedly expressed that writing was not a strength of his, and asked if I would be willing to do the writing. I was thrilled and scared; I didn’t want to be the reason that he was not successful.   

He believes in me, my ability to write, and my imagination; that was all I needed. My imagination pushed its way to the foreground, and now refuses to take a back seat. I write and write as much as my life allows, sneaking in writing sessions here and there, as well as being able to write in scheduled sessions. The world, and everything I observe, is thought of as a possible idea for a writing piece; it’s pretty exciting. I never stop thinking about the current pieces that I am working on, or new ones to come.

Because my husband is the most supportive and encouraging man. I have finally eased my way into the writing life that I have wanted to start for the last twenty-four years. Not only am I starting numerous writing pieces, I am finishing them. I create and stimulate my world now. The path that I follow in life belongs to me. I look forward to the day where my full-time job is my writing. But in the meantime, I proudly work hard, putting in the time to become the writer that I set out to be twenty-four years ago.

– Anneberly Andrews –