Who’s Hiding in the Dark?

Guest Appearance:

Writer’s Name: Savanna A.

Writer’s Age: 15 years old

Word Count: 1,987


Photo Credit: Pixabay

I stumbled into my apartment, so tired from the day of work. I couldn’t wait to get into my bed and just fall asleep.

 I made it to the stairs, knowing that it will be very hard for me to get up. I placed my hand on the railing and glanced up the stairs. The top of the stairs seemed so far away, it seemed almost endless. I sighed, why did my room have to be so far? 

I thought of just sleeping on the couch, but that wouldn’t be as comfortable as my bed. I bet I won’t sleep that well either. 

I put my right foot on the first step and nearly fell over. My fingers gripped the railing tighter as I tried to stabilize myself. I climbed the stairs very slowly thinking that if I went to fast I would fall all the way back down. The steps felt innumerable, why were the stairs so long? My legs wobbled with every step, a couple of times I almost fell. 

I am a very clumsy person and I am also very tired which doesn’t help. Why did I choose to live in an apartment with stairs? After what felt like forever, I finally made it to the top. 

I looked straight down the hall, the door to my room was open. I could’ve sworn this morning before I went to work I closed that door. The hallway looked suddenly very creepy like something you would see out of a horror movie. I stood there for a while not knowing if I should move. 

No, think logically. I probably thought I closed my door, but I didn’t. Yeah, it’s nothing. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the door. I moved closer putting one foot in front of the other. I stumbled yet again, but this time there was nothing I could grab, so I fell to the floor with a loud thud. 

I started to push myself up, my eyes moved up slowly. I saw a shadow on all fours crawling out of my bedroom and into the bathroom. I froze, terrified to move. It was nothing I have ever seen before. I didn’t know if I should move, so I stayed there frozen. My arms started to shake, so I pushed myself up off the floor. My bones weren’t working properly, nothing wanted to move. 

When I stood up I almost fell again, but this time I caught the wall. I straightened up, I realized that I had to walk past the bathroom. I looked down at my hands, and I never realized they were shaking. I had to calm down, I am just really tired. I was imagining what I saw. No matter how many times I said that in my head, I still didn’t believe it myself. 

I tried to move but I was stuck. It was like my body was fighting me not to move. I pushed my foot as hard I could, I started to walk to my room, but I looked like an old grandma, and I felt like it too. My bones are very stiff and are objecting to being moved. 

I was steps away from the bathroom, my heart started racing, again my hands started to shake. I stopped right at the edge of the doorway, I peered my head around the corner. Then I realized my eyes were closed, I slowly opened them. Nothing. 

I sighed with relief. I was just imagining it. I turned back around and started to walk to my room. As I got closer and closer to my door it was suddenly getting colder. 

Weird, I folded my arms trying to keep me warm, it wasn’t working very well. I put my hand on the doorknob, and I immediately took my hand off. It was ice cold, it was as if someone put a layer of ice on top of it,“Why is that so cold?” I whispered to myself as I tried to warm my hand back up. 

I pulled my sleeve down so that it was covering my hand. I put my hand on the door, I could still feel the cold through my shirt. I wrenched open the door wider so I could get inside, not wanting to keep my hand on there longer than I had to. I stepped inside my room. I shivered. 

“W-why i-is everythin-thing so co-o-old?” I said it louder than I expected.

 I turned on my light, I didn’t want to be in the dark anymore. I walked over to the thermostat, “43°! How t-the heck i-is i-it 43°? I would never turn it down to 43, especially since it’s fall, close to winter.” I explained. My voice raising slightly.  

With my teeth still chattering, I turned it up to 70°. I started to feel warmer as the heater was working and the temperature was rising. I stood there for a moment waiting for my room to heat up. 

I have this weird feeling that something happened to my room. I looked around trying to see if anything was moved. My bed was just as I had left it, the sides of my blanket tucked under my mattress, all of my pillows lined up perfectly just how I liked them, and my pajamas folded at the end of my bed. In the corner, my desk was organized, and my chair was right there unmoved. I looked around my room more making sure everything was okay. Once I finished I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing, something that is always here was gone. 

“Jasmine! Where’s Jasmine?” I said worried. 

I dashed around my room looking in the bathroom, closet, under the desk, and then under my bed. Finally, I found her, she was cowering against the wall. Her fur is sticking up, and you can hear light hissing. 

She’s a baliness, the fur is a creamy color overall, the fur on her tail and her legs are a light chocolate color. She has black socks and a black mask. The beautiful long fur is silky and soft. Her eyes are a piercing bright blue, brighter than the sky. 

I carefully pulled her out, and put her on my bed, she still seemed terrified. “Jasmine, what’s wrong?” I asked her while I tried to calm her down by petting her. 

She eventually calmed down, and you could hear her purring as she rubbed her body against mine. She then layed happily down on my pillow, and fell asleep. I pet her one last time, then got up to get dressed. 

What was scaring her? Is it possible she saw what I saw? No, no, no, she probably just got scared because I fell and made a loud thud, yeah that’s what happened. 

I finished getting dressed, and I turned on my lamp on my nightstand, then I turned off the light, and got into bed. 

Jasmine woke up, and walked to lay in between my legs. I could feel her purring, and that soothed me. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, so I turned out the lamp, and fell asleep to the light vibration of Jasmine in between my legs. 

“Olivia,” Whispered a cool breath against my ear. 

I shot up awake. I listened hard waiting to hear my name again. 

“Olivia,” The cool breath whispered quieter. 

I jerked my head left then right. A crisp breeze whirled on the side of my face. I looked towards my window, it was open. The curtains were dancing away from the window as the light current of air blew against them, pushing them away. 

I carefully got out of bed, making sure not to wake Jasmine. I tiptoed to the window as I got closer I started to shiver slightly. I closed the window and locked it. I fixed the curtains, making sure they weren’t all twisted. 

I got back into bed, and Jasmine repositioned herself in between my legs. I pet her, and layed back down. 

That’s when I realized I never opened the window, because I was already cold. How did that window get open? I suddenly got this frightening feeling that something or someone was watching me. I quickly looked around my room, and then I saw it. 

In the corner hunched over was a creature so unearthly, it looked broken. It had long sharp claws, with arms that looked almost as long as its body. Its slender figure was so tall, it bent in half. 

There was no face on this thing, how did it know where I was? It was like it was staring right at me, but how can it be staring at me if it doesn’t have a face? 

The head cocked to one side, and then it’s long nails scraped the ground. I sunk lower into my mattress, pulling the sheet higher up my face. I didn’t want to cover my eyes, I was too terrified that if I looked away the creature would get me. 

It started to crawl towards me on all fours. It was going so slow. I heard this weird sound, and then something scratched me. I looked down and saw Jasmine hissing at the monster. Her claws were digging in my leg. I slowly came out of the covers. I grabbed her and put her close against my chest. 

It still was coming towards me, and that’s when I realized I hadn’t been breathing. I forced myself to breathe. I gasped really loud, which made Jasmine jump. 

I wanted to run to get out of this place but I was too scared to get out of my bed. It ripped at my blankets making several claw marks. It was sitting at the end of my bed. It’s head went upside down, and then it started to crawl at me again. 

I was breathing faster and faster, I was having a really hard time breathing. I couldn’t get my breath to steady. I felt like I was going to die. Jasmine got free of my grasp and streaked out of my room as fast as her little legs could carry her. The monster seemed to have no interest in her, just in me. 

“Olivia,” It said with hot repulsive breath on my face. 

I couldn’t keep looking at it any longer, I finally closed my eyes. I shut them tight, ready for the worst. Ring. Ring. Ring. My phone was ringing, why was it ringing? I didn’t want to open my eyes, but I built up the courage and finally opened them. The thing was gone, it left, but why did it leave? 

I quickly grabbed my phone and answered it. “Hello,” I said barely in a whisper. 

I tried again. “Hello,” my voice was louder, but I still couldn’t speak properly. I waited for a little bit, but no one answered. 

“Hello, is anybody there?” I asked, but still no answer. I ended the call and put my phone back on my nightstand. 

A million questions went flashing through my brain. What was that thing? What did it want? Who was calling me? Why did that thing leave? How did it know my name?

Without realizing it, I fell asleep. 

I woke up to my alarm going off. I groaned, and turned it off. I sighed, relieved. It was just a nightmare. 

I sat up, and Jasmine was not in my room. I looked at my covers, big deep slashes were across the side of my blanket. Jasmine couldn’t have done that. I quickly jumped out of my bed. 

“No, no, no, no, no, this can’t be happening! It wasn’t real! How could it be real?” 

I started to hyperventilate. Trying to catch my breath, I looked for Jasmine, and I found her all the way downstairs under the couch. 

I just sat there in shock, not knowing what I should do.

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