The Autumn Leaves

Guest Appearance:

Writer’s Name: Braden A.

Writer’s Age: 17 years old

Words: 1,077

Photo Credit: Pixabay


A sunny day ends with the passing of a few grey clouds. Clouds brought by this chilly gentle breeze. The leaves fall and change in color into the brilliance of a still fire. The bright and dark colors are mixed. With the vibrance of yellows, oranges, and reds to the dark soothing browns of the dying leaves. The once sunny and warm sky is replaced with chilly air and the darkening of the sky. Some would think to prepare for a stormy night, but as more leaves fall the thought of a new world rushes the mind. Autumn has begun with the fall of the first leaf. As the leaf is carried into the wind the season knows it’s time for it to show itself. 

In the trees these once lively and green bunch basking in the warmth of the sun now become old and change in their color with the passing of time. A new season of these leaves have begun. They are made to be colorful. Colorful enough for the world to admire and cherish. None forget the opening of the fall season. Especially not the autumn leaves. Because they know that this is their last season, their last chance to shine before being blown into the wind. The wind that has no care for anyone, it just wants to move through taking whatever it can with it. 

It’s days like these that allow us to remember simple times. Times just like these where we can see the best and the worst of ourselves. I sit alone in a park filled with beautiful autumn leaves. The silence is interrupted by the blowing wind shaking the leaves in the trees. It creates an ambience of thoughtfulness and beauty. As I think of the warmth I miss, the warmth I want, and the warmth of home. As this season comes we start to search for a warmth to stay by us for the coming colder days. A warmth that we can keep close by just in case it starts to get cold, or just if we need to be comforted. 

These autumn leaves like passing memories flutter off. We however just want to gather them and jump into the exciting embrace of these leaves. However without realizing the more we try to gather and feel their embrace, the stronger the wind seems to come to swoop them away. Out of frustration towards the wind and the want of happiness we fight to keep the leaves with us. Even though the mighty man might try to beat the wind with their weapon, the legendary rake, we find that the wind just carries them away even harder. We may feel at a loss, some defeat. Our memories, our autumn leaves are rushing away, and yes they may flee with time, but we can still preserve the image of them within our hearts. The beauty, the vibrance, and the color of these leaves. 

But then there is always that last leaf, the one we never thought would go away, the one that would stay forever, but it can’t. The desolate winter must soon come to pass, and the autumn leaves must fall. As that last leaf falls we may choose to forget it or remember it. It may bring you sadness or joy with its memory. With its passing it marks how all things will eventually pass, but no matter what we can’t forget those leaves that brought us happiness, those leaves that we just wanted to jump into the embrace of. Because if we forget, then who is to remember them? Who is there to keep their image alive? When we forget the beauty of these leaves and move on we often forget a part of who we are.

This park, these leaves, myself, we are all part of this great world. I sit alone to admire these autumn leaves because they give me the memory of warmth. They are a reminder of my treasure. My last leaf that was carried away by the wind. Blown away in a violent storm, but their warmth, their image, and their love is etched into the very fibers of my heart and soul. I can’t let these autumn leaves just be forgotten. I must keep their memory, their image in my heart. Because if I forget then who is going to remember them. No one shares my vision, my time, or my memory of them. They are a part of me, and I cannot allow the wind to take anymore away into that chilling sky.

If I forget these autumn leaves then I forget a part of myself. If I forget these autumn leaves then I forget her. My life, my treasure, my last leaf. Her favorite thing was to come to this park and admire the autumn leaves, and I never knew why, but now I do. And that is why I have to keep their warmth, their image, their memory, in my heart. That is why I can’t ever forget these autumn leaves. Because if I forget these autumn leaves, I’ll end up forgetting her to.

Why must a world that constantly changes usher out what you most cherish? Why does it make me try to move on? Why does it try to make me forget? Why? The day my wife lost her life was the day that the last autumn leaf fell. My world was torn down as I was told that I would never be able to see the sunshine on her beautiful face again. Autumn would pass and I would pass into an endless winter. My spring, my new life with her would never come. The sun would never rise into the sky, and I’m left with the cold chilly air in an unfair world.

However as time passed light pierced through the darkening clouds. Autumn and winter had passed bringing forth the sun and new leaves. A new beginning, a second chance, but I can never forget her, my autumn leaf. Now I’m happy. I have come to realize that the same leaf won’t come back, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t remember that gentle fall breeze, or the beauty and brilliance of the autumn leaves. Time moves on and the world will constantly change with each passing season, but are you prepared for the next season? I know I am. I’ll be waiting till I can see the next wave of beautiful autumn leaves.

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