July Fourth’s Misfortune

Guest Appearance:

Writer’s Name: Savanna A.

Writer’s Age: 14 years old

Words: 1,761


Photo Credit: Pixabay

It was Marissa’s first time being the one to host a fourth of July, and she was nervous. She invited her family, friends, and said that they could bring some people along, they just had to check in with her first. She told everyone to come around two or three. She also told people to bring some fireworks. She was preparing some snacks. 


“OOH! That scared me,” she said as she put her hand on her chest. 

“I should probably open the door.” She put down the carrot she was holding and went to get the door. 

“COMING!” Marissa yelled as she walked to the door.

She opened the door, it was her sister, Crystal. “Oh, hi!” Marissa said, hugging her sister. 

“Am I early?” 

“No. No. You’re good. I am just getting snacks ready.” 

“Okay, good. Do you need help?” 

“…..yes, please.” 

“Okay, let’s go,” Crystal said, laughing a little. 

They made their way to the kitchen, and they started cutting vegetables and fruit. 


“Oh, another person just arrived, I will go get it.” 

“Okay, be quick I don’t want to be stuck cutting pineapple,” Crystal said, holding up a piece of pineapple. 

“I will, I promise. Now I have got to open the door.” She went to the door and opened it.

It was her friend Amy. “Oh, hey!” Marissa said, then she just stared and didn’t move. 

“Hi! Can I come in or do I have to stay outside?” 

“Oh yeah, sorry. It’s just you said you couldn’t come, so I didn’t expect you to be here,” she said, opening the door wider so Amy could come in. 

“Well, I only told you that so that you would be surprised.” 

“Well, I am certainly surprised.” 

“Are you coming!?” Crystal called from the kitchen. 

“OH! Yeah I will be right there.” 


Marissa went to the kitchen, and saw that her sister had a pile of pineapple that wasn’t there before. “Wow! You work fast,” Marissa said as she picked up a knife to help. 

“Yeah, well, I’ve had a lot of practice.” 

While they were cutting up vegetables and fruit, Amy entered the kitchen. 


“Oh yeah, sorry. I didn’t mean to leave you in the living room.” 

“It’s fine. Do you need any help?” 

“No, but thanks for the offer. Oh, also this is my sister, Crystal. Crystal this is my friend, Amy.” 

Crystal looked up and said, “Hey.” 

“Hi,” Amy said with an awkward wave. 

They just stood there not saying anything, and the only thing you could hear is the sound of the knife’s cutting into the food, and hitting the cutting board. 


“Oh! OW!” Marissa yelled as she dropped the knife. 

“What happened?” Crystal and Amy asked Marissa. 

Marissa was walking towards the door, “The doorbell scared me, and I accidentally cut my finger. I’m fine though.” 

“Are you sure M?” Crystal asked worried. 

“Yes, I am fine.” Marissa said as she opened the door.

“Hey Dad, where’s Mom?” 

“Oh, she had to pick something up, so we took different cars, but she will be here,” he said as he walked in. 

“Well, we are all kind of hanging out in the kitchen.” 

“Oh, okay. Wait… what happened to your finger?” 

“It’s nothing, I just accidentally cut myself.” 


Marissa ran into her room and grabbed a bandaid.

Slowly more and more people started to come, and eventually everyone Marissa invited came. They were all enjoying her snacks that she put out. While everyone was talking Marissa was getting dinner ready.

She put chicken in the oven, and then joined her family and friends in the living room. Everyone was laughing and having a fun time. Jordan, Marissa’s cousin, walked into the kitchen, and saw that there was smoke coming from the oven. 

“Marissa! Come here!” Jordan yelled as he opened the oven. Smoke went right into his face, and he started to cough. 

Marissa came running into the kitchen. “Oh, no, my chicken. How did it get burned?” She looked at the oven, and it said 425 degrees. She canceled it. “I could’ve sworn that it said 350. Now dinner is ruined, and I have nothing else.”

“It’s okay, I’m sure we can think of something, and I can help,” Jordan said.

Marissa’s mom walked in. “Oh no you burned the chicken, well that’s okay. How about…” 

She was cut off. “But it’s not fine, because now there’s no dinner. What am I supposed to do?”

“Well, sweetie you may not have anything else, but there is something that we can do, and it will be here, and we can eat.”

“Oh, yeah. We could do that, and I bet everyone would love it,” Jordan said with a grin.

Confused, Marissa asked, “What are you talking about? Also what do you mean it will come here, and we can eat? What?”

“Honey, just think. What would be able to come here, and we can eat, and it won’t take much time?” her mom said.

Marissa stood there for a little bit trying to figure out what they were talking about. Then it finally clicked, “Oh, duh, pizza.” She picked up her phone and ordered pizza.

After about fifteen minutes there was someone at the door, and when Marissa opened the door it was the pizza man with seven pizzas and nine bags of breadsticks. She paid the pizza man, and some of her family helped bring in the food.

Marissa grabbed plates and put them on the table. “Dinner’s ready!” She yelled to everyone. Once everyone started to come she said, “For now everyone gets two pieces of pizza and two breadsticks. You don’t have to have that much, and if you are still hungry you need to wait until everyone has gotten food. Now enjoy!”

Marissa and everyone had finished eating, so they went outside and started to play with some fireworks stuff. Many people brought pop-its and sparklers. People were throwing them at each others feet. One of Marissa’s little cousins, Ben, threw one and it popped right on her foot, which she was wearing sandals. “Ow! Oh, that hurt,” she said as she rubbed her foot.

Ben came running over. “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to hit your foot.” 

“Yeah, I am fine.” Seeing the concerned look on her cousin’s face, she said, “No, really I am fine. It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean to, now go on, go play.” 

Ben didn’t know if he should leave, but he did slowly as if expecting to get called back and yelled at.

As it got darker people were using sparklers and spelling things in the air, or just pretending that they had a wand. Marissa’s friend, Carson, had a child who was now five, and her name was Mackenzie, and she was running with a sparkler in her hand. Mackenzie had it held out beside her, so that she wouldn’t hurt herself, and she ran passed Marissa, and accidentally touched the sparkler to her pants.

Marissa didn’t notice until it was kind of hot, and she looked down, and saw a little flame on her pants. “Oh, no!” She started to beat her leg, and it went out but she had a small hole in her pants. It was black around the edges and you could see a little bit of her thigh.

Finally it was dark enough to light fireworks. The first one they set off was a fountain, it was a white yellowish color, and sprayed out of the fireworks. Everyone settled down on the grass to watch the fireworks.

Marissa’s uncle went to light a screamer, but when he did it fell over, and he didn’t know. All of the sudden fireworks started to shoot out towards them. The fireworks would scream and shoot at the same time, so everyone was even more frightened. People were screaming and running away. Some had to duck. Marissa was right in the middle, and she almost got hit so many times.

One even hit the grass and started a small fire, so someone ran inside, and grabbed water and put it out, but now she had a brown-black spot on her lawn. Everyone was either running to the side of the house or in the house.

Another one also hit the house and bounced off, but thankfully it hit the concrete afterwards. Eventually there was no more of the fireworks shooting. So everyone made their way back towards the fireworks. The children were so scared, and most of them were crying.

“Is everyone okay?” Marissa asked. Her heart was beating fast, and she was so scared that it would’ve hit someone. 

There was some muttered yeses, and everyone seemed to be unharmed, other than being scared. It took awhile to calm everyone down, but they were eventually pretty calm. 

Marissa kept thinking this is the worst and most unlucky fourth of July ever, and of course it’s happening when it’s my first time hosting. This made her feel pretty down.

They finished the fireworks, and she said her goodbyes to everyone. They all said they had a good time, even though they got attacked by fireworks. Marissa’s parents were the last to leave.

“How are you doing, honey?” her mom asked.

“Not very good. This is a very unlucky fourth of July.”

“Oh, come on, it wasn’t that bad,” her dad said, trying to cheer her up.

“Oh, really? Well, let’s see, first I cut my finger, then I burned the chicken, then I got one of those stupid pop-its thing thrown on my foot, I got a sparkler to my pants, which by the way now has a hole in it, and they are my favorite pair, and lastly, I almost got hit by multiple fireworks. So yes, it has been that bad.”

“Oh, well, I’m sorry baby. Tomorrow will be better, and at least you didn’t go to the hospital. Also now you have an interesting story to tell,” her mom said as she nudged her.

“Yeah, I guess,” she said with a sigh.

“Well, we better go, and everyone did seem like they had fun. So good job, even if it didn’t go that well for you. I know that we had a lot of fun, even if we did almost get hit by fireworks. I love you, bye!” her dad said as he rubbed her arm.

“Yeah, okay. Love you guys, too! Bye,” Marissa said, and cleaned up. She went to bed right away, because she was so tired.

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