The Great Heat Wave

Guest Appearance:

Writer’s Name: Anthon A.

Writer’s Age: 13 years old

Words: 1,635



It’s the year 2050 and the world is populated with about 10.7 billion people, while there is a population of around 3,000 people working on colonizing Venus. It’s known that there is really only one company that’s been trying to colonize Mars, they’re called SpaceX. They’re a private American space company. Secretly, they aren’t the only ones trying to colonize Mars because there is a bunch of other small companies working on colonizing Mars, but SpaceX is the only big company that’s really going for Mars.

Most companies are going for Venus because of a substance that was discovered there when NASA sent a Robot to observe Venus and now everyone wants it because there is a chance that it could be the secret to extending life expectancy. It’s extremely risky to get because it’s located in the hottest parts of Venus which with as far as our technology goes it still is just too hot for humans and even robots right now. Because it’s such a valuable and wanted substance everyone is risking everything to get even just a single microgram of it.

So with everybody trying to be the first to get this mysterious substance over 90,000 people have burned to death from the U.S. alone. This substance has only been known for about 6 years. So as everyone is doing everything possible to get that substance, everyone else in the world has basically destroyed the planet so much that Antarctica is about a fourth its size. In the year 2034, the Amazon Rainforest was the only rainforest left. It is under serious protection to the point of if you don’t have proper authority you can’t go within about 5 miles of the rainforest. Water has gotten almost twice as expensive in the past 8 or 9 years, so now in the year 2050 a 1 liter bottle of water costs around $20. Those are some reasons why getting to Venus is so important and not just because of that material.

So life on earth can be pretty terrible unless you’re a millionaire or something, but unfortunately I’m not. I’m just an 18 year old kid living in Detroit which is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world right now. I specifically live in the Detroit Super City because it’s a gigantic glass pyramid that’s big enough to hold about 3 million people and has everything you would ever need, so you don’t even have to leave the building. There is one problem though, if you live in the poorest sector, which I do, it’s at the bottom of the Super City and every 3-6 months they recruit around 5,000 people to train and send on basically suicide missions to hopefully discover something that could help the country. If you are lucky enough to find something, you get to come back and get some serious pay. I’m talking up to 9 figures depending on what you found. But if you don’t find anything you will stay there until you do. If you never find anything you will eventually return to earth when you’re your old; 60 to 80 depending on your health.

So tomorrow I’ll be going for my first day of training because I turned 18 about a month ago. I’ll head to a facility up town where I’ll be checked to make sure I am healthy enough to go to Venus, and if so, I will start training the following day, well I oughta get to sleep now.

I wake up to the sound of a really loud bang, so I jolt up, look at what time it is, and realize that the Military has kicked down my door and that I overslept for almost 3 hours. I quickly ran to my closet, get dressed, grab my suitcase, and bolt across from my house. I brush past my mother as I head for the door. I quickly stopped, turning around, and jumping at her to give her a hug. I then rush to the truck that will take me away possibly until I die.

Then all the sudden when it feels like I just had entered the truck, I am in some sort of operation room. Minutes later a doctor comes in and says, “This won’t hurt one bit just wait one second.” I slowly felt as if I hadn’t slept a day in my life and passed out.

I then wake up inside what looks to be a training facility, and what seemed to be hours and hours of just sitting in a chair. I heard, “Samuel Smith!” A bunch of scientists pick me up and put me in to some sort of tube where I hear a bunch of beeping and see light going all over my face. It felt like 15 minutes had passed, but then everything stops, and it’s all dark. There’s no noise or anything, and then I hear a huge *BANG* and both my ears are ringing to the point of where everyone starts talking around me but it just sounds like it’s part of the ringing. Then all the lights come on. I’m pulled out of the machine, put into a big empty room with just two red footprints so I ran up to them and nothing happens. I jump off them, then back on them. I suddenly drop to what seemed to be hundreds of feet and come to a sudden stop, doors right in front of me open, and a long hallway full of what looks to be a thousand suits with name plates. I run to find mine and finally in what felt like miles of running, I found my suit. So in excitement, I jump into it as the front slowly closes then *Snaps* and I start to rise up slowly but I am then flung upwards and I pass out.

Eventually I awake feeling so weightless but when I try to look around all I see is a lot more capsules around me, and yet I am the only one awake. So I just wait and wait and wait some more until loud warnings sound all around saying there is a heat alert on Venus and that we should abort. It was already too late, we were headed straight for the storm. Slowly the warnings get louder and louder as we approach Venus until all you can hear is a loud and constant beeping. Then suddenly all the capsules open and the back of the space shuttle opens flinging everyone out, up to hundreds of feet away from the shuttle and looking at the shuttle the front is starting to burn up. Shortly the gravity of Venus starts to pull us in, and  everyone realizes that we will shortly be burned up.

As we all get closer to Venus and start to gain speed we start trying to grab on to someone near us and kick off of each other to avoid the storm. But only a few could actually get distance to have a chance, but still it was too late for them. Everyone starts to just give up knowing their going to die and one after another everyone’s suits burn up until *BOOM* Everyone slams into the floor, killing the rest on impact, except for me. I get up and try to see if anyone is alive, but I can’t seem to find anyone. I fall to the ground and pass out again.

Once I wake up, I can’t see anything, just the dust going everywhere from the storm. I get up and try to do what I can to get out of the storm. First thing I can think of is to find out which direction the storm is going and run the opposite direction. But as I’m doing so, since everyone else is dead, I was seeing just a bunch of broken machinery from the space suits everywhere I would go. Then I realized that I am quickly getting hotter and hotter every second to the point where I feel as if I am just not breathing. My skin feels extremely burnt, and I feel I have never drank a thing in my life. But I can’t let that stop me. I must keep going if I want to be able to survive.

But I soon start to quickly feel as if I am not moving at all. I try to make a mark on the ground and try to start putting on some serious distance, but I still feel like I’m not moving. I haven’t seen the mark so I feel that I have to be moving, and I must almost be outside, until I see a huge bright red light. At first, I thought nothing of it except to just run to it, and soon enough I was in reach. I dived at it, but missed it, and it is spinning everywhere. I try again, but missed. I stop for a second to think. What could this possibly be? Suddenly I remembered being taught in school that the eye of a storm on Venus, on extremely rare occasions, will contain a mysterious red light, and we shouldn’t touch it, because we don’t know anything about it. I couldn’t help myself and I leap stretching my arms out as far as I can. I just barely graze it then everything stops and I blackout.

Once I wake up, I’m in my bed, and it seems as if nothing ever happened. It was all a dream. Then I hear a loud *BANG* I jolt up, look at the time, and see my stuff all packed up when the military opens my door, grabs me and my stuff, and drags me out, then throws me into their truck.

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