Cinco de Mayo Catastrophe

Guest Appearance . . .

Writer’s Name: Anthon A.

Writer’s Age: 13 years old

Words: 1,028


Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hello my name is Julias De Le Torre, I’m 17, and I am from Altata, Mexico. It’s a city on the west coast and tomorrow is the day I will be traveling to Mexico City to go see the Cinco de Mayo parade the next day and I just hope that the parade is as fun as all my friends have said it to be. Well I better go to bed so I can get up early to go to Mexico city.

During the night I just can’t seem to be able to fall asleep because I’m just so excited about going to Mexico and can’t seem to think about anything else. As I’m constantly tossing and turning in what felt like seconds of me just entering bed, I see the sun start to rise, realizing I didn’t even fall asleep and will now hopefully be able to catch some at the hotel so that I’m not too tired for the parade tomorrow.

So I then grab my suitcase, go downstairs, head outside, pack my suitcase into the car, slam the trunk, then run to the front, open the door, jump into the car, buckle up, and the next second I was asleep.

Then I wake up and shoot my head up, look at the time, and see that I should’ve left my house about 6 hours ago, and still needing to drive 15 hours. So that I can try to hopefully cut off a few hours of time so that I won’t be so tired that I oversleep and miss the parade, I quickly turn on the car and slam my foot onto the gas using just about all my force to turn the wheel as I drifted passed corners at nearly 130 KM/H. 

So in having to nearly cut the trip time 6 hours short, I don’t stop for anything, whether it’s for food or drink or even just to use the bathroom. I don’t stop unless I need to get gas but that’s it, I just gotta try to get food and go to the bathroom as my gas is filling up. Within the first hour I managed to shave off 45 minutes but I still need to go faster so that I’ll have time at the hotel and that I won’t stay up too late. I try to keep it up and within the next few hours I had made up what was just about needed to be on schedule. I start to slow down but just as I am about to start slowing down, I hear sirens coming up from behind me getting louder and louder. I quickly looked behind me but luckily for me it was just an ambulance. I then continue to slow down the car and my heart from it racing.

About a half hour or so later I am stuck, not even moving because traffic is so bad since about a kilometer up there was a semi that tipped over onto another car, blocking 3 lanes and making only 1 lane available to drive through.

Then about an hour and a half later I start to move some more, but now I have to make up even more time, so I started the race against time again.

A couple of hours later I arrive at the hotel and I’m only about a half an hour late so I then quickly try to grab my stuff from the trunk and rush to put my stuff into the room so I can just go to bed sooner and not be so tired like I was earlier so that I‘ll be able to see the parade tomorrow.

I wake up to the sun peering in my eyes from the windows and so I sit up, rub my eyes, look to the time and happily get up to head for the shower knowing that I have plenty of time. Once I get out of the shower, I get dressed and walk to the mirror to comb my hair, brush my teeth, and grab a banana on my way out the door. I head to my car, a half an hour early, so I can get a good spot for the parade.

After a long 30 minute drive, I finally arrive at the start of the parade, jump out of my car and get ready to go and enjoy the parade.

But once I was all ready I looked all around but didn’t see anyone except a few workers. I start running up and down the streets hoping I’m not in the wrong place until I finally just decided to ask someone if they knew where the parade was and sadly they said, “The parade is on the other side of town a couple kilometers from here.” So as fast as I can I run back to my car and slam on the gas, jerking the wheel to the right as hard as I can to flip my car around and then take off, hoping to get to the parade before I miss too much, since the parade should’ve already started a few minutes ago.

Within just a couple of minutes, I arrive and see that the parade is already moving and that I’ve missed the entire beginning. So I jump out of my car, grab all my stuff, slamming the door behind me, then running to the parade line, I start to dance and enjoy the music and the time with everyone even though I don’t know any of them. I feel as if I’ve known them for years.

In about a half an hour, we reach the final destination after dancing and singing and making music, everyone then enjoys a huge feast and hangs out for about 2 hours. Then slowly everyone starts to leave although I just want to stay because of how much fun this has been.

Though within an hour later everyone is now gone except for some workers, so I decide to just head back to my place, put away my stuff and take a seat to just watch some television for the rest of the day.

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