Is it Really Easter?

Guest Appearance . . . 

Writer’s Name: Savanna A.

Writer’s Age: 14 years old

Words: 1,759

Photo Credit: Pixabay

“Shh.” Bailey said putting a finger to her lips. “They will hear you.” 

“Okay. I will try and be more quiet.” Aaron replied. “Honey, how are we going to pull this off?” 

“Well, all you have to do is play along, I will change anything in the house that shows that it’s April 1st. The kids won’t find out until we tell them.” 

“Oh, it’s almost seven, we better set everything up.” 

Bailey nodded. 

While Aaron grabbed the eggs, Bailey went towards the girls room. Bailey put her hand on the door and twisted it. POP! The latch bolt let go of the faceplate. She pushed the door open slowly. The door started to creak. Bailey stopped pushing it open, forgetting that the hinges of the door creak. Thinking of how she’s going to get in without making any noise was beyond her. But then she remembered that with some doors if you push it open really fast you won’t hear anything. Reluctant she pushed as fast as she could the rest of the way. Miraculously the door made no sound. 

Relieved she walked towards her daughter’s alarm clock. It was one of those alarm clocks that have the date as well as the time. She changed it so it read April 21st. 

Her husband came into the room with five eggs. 

Aaron mouthed, “Where should I put these?” 

Bailey helped put the eggs into their daughters’ room and then she went to her son’s room. She opened the door with another POP and she swung as fast as she could. This time she almost hit the wall, so she had to stop herself. 

She changed his alarm clock as well. As she walked out she passed Aaron with three eggs in his hand. 

She went around the house changing anything that said it was April 1st. Aaron was almost finish with hiding the eggs. Just then Bailey remembered that her phone and Aaron’s phone still said April 1st. It was almost 7:40. 

“Let me see your phone.” 

“What? Why?” 

“I need to make sure that it says April 21st. Now please hand me your phone.” 

“Oh, yeah I didn’t even think about that,” Aaron said handing his phone to his wife. 

Bailey changed both her and her husband’s phone to say April 21st instead of April 1st. She handed his phone back, “Here you go.” 

“Thank you. Could you help me out with the rest?” 


Bailey straightened the baskets while Aaron finished the rest of the eggs. They both sat down at the table. 

“I hope this works.” Bailey said a little anxious. 

“It will work, our kids aren’t old enough to really question it.” 

“Are you sure?” 

“Yes we have two seven year olds and a five year old, I’m pretty sure we will be fine.” “Oh, alright. Do you know what to do?” 

“Yes we wake them up at nine, then we tell them Happy Easter. We let them find their eggs, oh and we need to make sure they don’t open any of the eggs. When they find all their eggs we will film them opening up the eggs and get their reaction when they find out that we pranked them. Oh and I almost forgot, once they find out we say April Fools.”

“Good, now it’s almost 8:20, so we have some time to ourselves for a bit what do you want to do?” 

“Well, we rarely get to watch the shows we want to.” Aaron said, with some excitement in his voice. 

“Fine, we can watch something.” Bailey said, chuckling a little and shaking her head. 

“Let’s go and don’t turn it up too loud.” 

“Okay, I won’t.” Aaron said with a little frown. 

“Babe, you know we can’t turn it up, it would wake the kids.” 

He sighed and said, “I know, I just wish we could turn it up.” 

They made their way to the couch. Aaron sat down first and then when Bailey sat down he pulled her down towards his chest. 

He turned on the TV and they started to watch Friends. Bailey slowly started to doze off. She set an alarm for nine so that they can wake them up on time. 

Aaron was still watching Friends when the alarm started to go off. He reached into his wife’s pocket and turned it off. He shook her lightly. She groaned and opened her eyes. 

“Oh, did I fall asleep?” 

“Yes, babe you did and now it’s time for us to wake up the kids.” He helped Bailey off the couch. 

“I will wake up Dillon and you go wake up Amy and Ashley.” 

“Okay,” Bailey said with a yawn. 

She stretched before heading to the girls room. Aaron had already started walking to Dillion’s room. Bailey walked over to the room and opened it, she made her way to their beds and woke the girls up. 

“Happy Easter!” 

From the other room you heard her husband yell, “Happy Easter!” as well.

“What, mommy it’s not Easter.” Amy said rubbing her eyes. 

“Yes, it is. See look.” Bailey said, pointing to the date on the alarm clock. 

Ashley jumped out of bed and looked around the room, “Eggs! Amy, look Eggs! It really is Easter!” 

“It is! Yeah!” Amy jumped out of bed and was about to grab the eggs. 

“Now girls, settle down. You have to get all twelve eggs before you can open them, okay?” 

“Yes, mommy.” They both said at the same time. 

Aaron walked into the room, followed by Dillion who looked eager to start looking. 

“Hey, honey did you tell them?” 

“Yes, I told them they can’t open any of the eggs until they find all twelve.” 

“Good, now everyone go find those eggs.” 

Right away Dillion dashed off and Amy and Ashley started to pick up the eggs that were in their room. Amy and Ashley found their eggs and left the room to look for more. 

Bailey walked over to Aaron and wrapped her arms around him. Aaron kissed Bailey on the forehead. 

“Do you think they will open an egg?” Bailey whispered. 

“No, not unless they know we aren’t looking.” 

“Yeah, they wouldn’t do that.” 

Bailey and Aaron both looked at each other and ran out of the room. 

Amy was in the kitchen looking in cupboards she could reach, Ashley was in the living room looking under the couch, and Dillion was counting how many eggs he had by his basket. 

“Oh, good they haven’t tried to look. We have to make sure they don’t open those eggs. We better keep an eye on them.” Bailey said, a little relieved. 

Aaron shook his head yes. 

Amy finally found her egg in the silverware drawer. Dillion had counted his eggs and he had three. 

“Mommy, do you know where the Easter bunny hid my eggs, like in this room.” Ashley asked pointing to the living room. 

“Sweetie, just look. I don’t know where the Easter bunny hid your eggs, sorry.” 

“Okay…” Ashley said as she lowered her head. 

After about thirty minutes everyone was only missing one egg. Bailey knew that they never looked in the laundry room and she knew that’s where their last eggs were. 

“Daddy, did the Easter bunny tell you where the eggs are?” Amy pleaded with her hands together. 

“No, honey, he didn’t. Just look somewhere you haven’t looked.” 

“But Daddy we have looked everywhere.” Dillion added. 

“Well, there is one place I haven’t seen you look in, do you guys want to know what the place is?” 

“Yes!” They said at the same time. 

Bailey just stood there smiling and laughing to herself as Aaron lead them to the laundry room. Aaron opened the doors and the kids ran inside and started to look. 

Bailey caught back up to them and put her arm around Aaron’s waist. Aaron then put his arm around her shoulders. 

Dillion found his egg in the dryer, Ashley found her egg in the middle of the dryer and washer, and finally Amy found her egg in the laundry basket. 

She was about to open it, “Amy don’t open the egg yet, remember.” Bailey reminded her. 

“Oh, yeah.” They made it back to the living room and they were all eager to open the eggs. 

“Can we open them now?” Ashley asked. 

“In a second you can, just hold on, Dear.” Aaron said as he pulled out his phone. 

Bailey did the same. 

They both pressed record, “Okay, does everyone have an egg?” Bailey asked. 

They all nodded. Aaron looked at Bailey and she nodded. 

“Okay, ready, open.” Aaron said. 

The kids opened their first egg expecting to see candy, but instead there was a note that read April Fools. All of their smiles faded. 

“Mommy, what’s this?” Dillion asked. 

“Honey, try and read it. Read it out loud for me.” 

“Okay, A-a-april fouls.” 

“No, buddy. Read the last word again and sound it out.” Aaron said pointing to fools. 

Dillion looked back down at the paper, “F-f-o-o-l-s-s, fools?” 

“Yep, that’s it, now what does the whole thing say?” 

“April Fools?” 


“April Fools!” Aaron and Bailey shouted together. 

“But daddy where’s the candy? I thought you said it was Easter?” 

Amy and Ashley were going through their eggs looking for candy, Aaron was about to answer. 

“Daddy, Mommy, there’s no candy in any of these eggs. There’s just that note in them. You said it was Easter and now your saying April Fools, isn’t that April 1st?” Amy asked showing her basket to her parents. 

“Good, it is April 1st. And since you figured it out. Me and your dad will give you some candy. Then when Easter actually comes, we will give you the rest, okay?” 

“Yay!” They all jumped up and went towards their parents. 

“I think I will take that as a yes.” Aaron said as he put his phone away and brought out some candy. 

Bailey also put her phone away and got the candy. After they were done eating their candy they all went to their rooms to play. 

“Well, we better clean up and make them some breakfast.” Bailey said as she went into the kitchen. “Ya, we probably should have done this after breakfast.” Bailey said. 

“Yeah that would have been a better idea, well it’s too late now.” 


Once they finished cleaning up and breakfast was ready, they called for the kids, “Kids, Breakfast!” Aaron yelled. 

They came running from their rooms and started to eat their breakfast.

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