The March Madness Massacre

Guest Appearance:

Writer’s Name: Anthon A.

Writer’s Age: 13 years old

Words: 1,194

Photo Credit: Pixabay

There is just 15 seconds left on the clock and the Houston Raptors are just 1 point behind while the Golden State Warriors have the ball. Stephen Curry runs up to the three-point line to secure a victory and he shoots for an alley-oop toward Kevin Durant, but just as Kevin is jumping for the ball to dunk it suddenly there is a loud beep followed by the entire court blowing up launching wood, metal, glass, and everyone at the bottom near and on the court.

When the dust had started to clear out a bit you could almost instantly hear sirens, screams, and see bright flashing lights from down below. Although you still couldn’t quite see what was happening because of how much dust there was in the air from the explosion.

With everyone trying to escape the building, it took everyone a minute to notice that the only way down is to jump, because the blast blew up the stairs and damaged the elevators. So everyone was freaking out thinking the building would collapse killing everyone who wasn’t already dead.

Within what felt like a couple of hours the fire department was finally able to reach us after taking care of everyone down below that was hit by the blast. So they put up a couple ladders to help a bunch of people get down quicker just in case the building were to collapse. Eventually I got to the ladder and started on my climb down, but it was still kinda hard to see through the dust.

I had finally reached the ground which was absolutely covered in rubble, making it hard to walk across. As I was walking to the flashing lights, I was constantly tripping with every step, until on one of the trips I kick a rock, twist my ankle, and when I catch myself, my other foot slammed into hole between a bunch of concrete and got stuck. So I try to wiggle my foot free, but I just can’t seem to get my foot free. I start trying to yell for help over all the noise that is already happening around me. As I continue to yell and yell as much and as loud as I can to get some help, I slowly feel more and more confident that I could very well just die here. I start to feel weaker and weaker as I continue to yell and struggle to get free, until I feel I don’t have enough strength to even yell. Everything starts becoming dark. I then pass out.

When I wake up I am in an ambulance with sirens going off, taking sharp turns. and then it all just starts to slow down. Then the doors to the ambulance fly open with a group of doctors and two firefighters standing outside as they pull me out and roll me into the hospital, saying a bunch of stuff that I don’t understand in the slightest. As they’re rushing to the surgery room, I am given a mask that knocks me out.

Once I wake up, I am in a completely different room, I can barely see anything, and I feel so weak I can’t even move my right leg, but just barely I can move my left. As I finish my thoughts a doctor comes in and says, “After all that has happened to you, you should be very happy that you are even alive, but unfortunately to keep you alive, we had to remove your right leg. Too much damage was done to it when you were trapped in the concrete, and in order to save you from bleeding out we had to amputate your leg.” 

As the doctor leaves, I sit in absolute shock. I have lost my leg, and my vision starts to clear up so I can start to see what I look like with missing my leg, and I start to think about how much harder my life will be to get around and do daily things with only one leg.

Very soon after surgery, I am to start training and moving around in my wheelchair so that I can get the hang of being in one before I am released from the hospital. Within a few months or so, I am eventually healthy enough and am able to go home instead of just sitting in the hospital.

Now that I’m finally out of the hospital, I try to think of how I’m going to get home, and since my house is probably over 60 miles away, I am not going in my wheelchair. I instantly turn around, I need to ask to use a phone.

As I roll up to the desk, the receptionists look at me with a confused faces, but then I just look away, and in confusion, I start to get closer and closer until I realize that the receptionists are all on the phone, so I stop and just wait while confused of how I didn’t think of needing a phone earlier.

Once one of the receptionists got off the phone I roll my wheelchair closer to the desk and ask “can I call someone to come and pick me up?” They were surprised by my question as if they had already responded with “sure, what’s the number?” In confusion, I replied, “Well… I don’t remember all my numbers they are on my phone but my phone got destroyed in a fire. Is there a way you can look up numbers?” the receptionist annoyingly responded “Sure, yeah, I guess we can look up a number, what’s the name?” I then slowly respond with “let’s go with Ashley Barnsley that’s A-S-H-L-E-Y, Ashley B-A-R-N-S-L-E-Y, Barnsley” she again sounding annoyed responds with “Alright, here we are Ashley Barnsley, her number is (555) 555-5692 alright it’s now ringing.” I then say “Alright, thanks” as I wait and wait for Ashley to pick up the phone it feels like forever but nothing, no answer just ringing from the phone until just when I’m about to give the phone back to the receptionists I hear “Hello?” so I pull back the phone and quickly respond, “Oh hi Ashley, this is James, and I’m at the hospital in Toronto can you come and pick me up?” she angrily responds “Toronto!? What do you mean Toronto that’s like a hundred miles away! And it’s through the border! You do know I live in New York right? But yeah, sure I’m on my way.” She then angrily hung up the phone. So I turn to the receptionist give her the phone back and say, “Thanks have a good day now sorry to bother you.” As I leave, she responds, “yeah no problem you have a good day too.”

Hours later Ashley finally arrives so I wheel up to the car and throw myself in. Ashley then takes care of my wheelchair and we get started on the road but just as we’re pulling out a car comes at us and slams right into the side of us throwing us both and I’m instantly killed but I can only hope that Ashley is alive.

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