Theater Illusions

Photo Credit: Geralt via Pixabay


In a theater, where new adventures await

Drawn into the shadows of an unsuspecting mate


Higher than a kite, he disappears out of sight

Leaving behind mysterious shimmers of white


Visions of my reality clearly snapped in two

When I devoured a pretzel with cheese fondue


I followed vicariously through the wall and knew

This magic was a whimsical, hallucinated breakthrough


His whispers carried through the calm, vacant darkness

“The substance you consumed, frankly, is quite harmless”


Relaxing into the privilege of the illusions in my mind

Forgetting about the world I had recently left behind


Abruptly, the darkness vanished when the light emerged

The movie had ended, and I was not at all concerned


– Anneberly Andrews –


Written for Peregrine Arc’s Creativity Contest The Flying Movie Theatre Goer, even though it’s a couple days past the due date.

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