A Young Concord


pixabay image by Natan Vance


Long ago, the sun brightly hung high above our flourishing city. Rising and setting with the promise of a new day. The heat and energy from its rays built up inside our inner cores, providing us stability, vigor, and lifelong satisfaction.

Until, one day, the sun disappeared below the horizon as thick, ebony poisonous clouds filled our air. Our expectations of the life we knew, had vanished. Now  – – survival was our primary goal.

Our city officials had anticipated this level of war from the Genocides for decades. They couldn’t accept our agreement to live peacefully. The Genocides believed that opposition was the key to survival, and the Concord people were weak-minded for thinking that survival was focused upon peace.  

Thankfully, the Concord City Officials had secretly built an underground bunker, large enough to house our entire city for fifteen years. Otherwise, the Genocides plan of annihilation would have come into fruition.

Throughout the years, our civilization dwindled. Without the sun, our bodies became unbalanced, lethargic, and our minds grew desolate. Many of the Concord people gave into depression, illness, and corrupt thoughts, including the city officials. Our pleasant, peaceful way of life was changing, and not for the better. Harmonious beliefs no longer clung to the ballads of our society.   

I surmised that the city officials did not anticipate the need for an underground bunker for this many years. I have lived the majority of my life inside this godforsaken place. But, I remember that I was three-years old when the Genocides had demolished our city. I remember how the sun felt on my skin. And how it energized every part of our lives. I remember how peaceful, hopeful, and happy the Concord people used to be.

I shivered as sadness crept over me like darkness crept over the light, obliterating everything good in our world. I felt a surge of strength billowing within me, encouraging me to protect the life we once had. I wasn’t going to succumb to the Genocides’ way of life, nor was I going to allow the remaining Concord’s to surrender to that evil fate. Something had to be done, and I was the obvious choice.

Cautiously, after sealing off our underground bunker, I opened the hatch to the aftermath of what our city had become. Thankfully, the air was no longer poisonous. I half expected the Genocides to quickly attack, but the city was completely deserted. Their plan was not to take over our city. They only desired to exterminate our people.

The sun was high in the sky, like I remember, but the moon was also high in the sky, eclipsing the sun. Casting unfamiliar shadows along the abandoned streets. The vibe from the mysterious shadows, the neglected city, and the unwavering silence was unshakably eerie.  

I was not prepared for any type of battle. My objective was to investigate and report the findings and options of how the Concord people could resume our lives above ground.

And so my journey began.


– Anneberly Andrews –


Written for Myths of the Mirror March Speculative Fiction Photo Prompt Hosted by D. Wallace Peach. The prompts are incredible, and so are the entries, check them out.

24 thoughts on “A Young Concord

  1. What wonderful worldbuilding, Anneberly. The last line would be a great kick-off to a longer story. Thanks for putting your imagination in full gear. I’m going to line this up to share. Have a great Friday and Happy Writing!

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