Ancient Love Letters

Pixabay Photo


In an old abandoned Victorian hotel

Purchased by the handsome, Mr. Bell


The dust has gathered nine inches deep

“What a relief it’ll be to finally sweep”


Lost behind the dusty mailbox wall

Letters were found from a faint call


“Wait! A voice? From brittle letters?”

“Oh, I understand. It’s our ancestors.”


The letter speaks in an angelic tone

Untold love from a chiseled gravestone


He’s her moon and stars; her entire light

He’s the center of her heart; a mighty sight


She loved him more than she ever expressed

I guess, he had no idea, she never confessed


The letters were her honest confession

She’s so shy, even via facial expression


The letters will remain within the Victorian walls

As she continues to chant her sweet loving calls


Roses decorate their chiseled gravestones

Marked with loving skulls and crossbones


Bound within the hotel’s ancient beauty

The letters hold a love that’s almost spooky


– Anneberly Andrews –


Another great prompt hosted by Peregrine Arc, Creativity Contest: The Mysterious Love Letters.



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