A Girl Named Katherine

Guest Appearance:

Writer’s Name: Savanna A.

Writer’s Age: 14 years old

Words: 1,733

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The year was 1696. A girl named Katherine lived in a far off town. She didn’t have many friends and everyone thought she was strange. There was another girl, who by the way, was also considered strange. But it wasn’t just weird strange, it was creepy strange. Her name is Rachel. Rachel would randomly stare at Katherine a lot. One day Katherine had enough, she went up to Rachel and asked, “Why do you like staring at me?”

“Because you’re interesting.” Rachel replied with a slight grin.

“Why, what makes me so special?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” she said in a low whisper as she walked away.

“Wait, I will find out what?” Katherine’s voice trailed off as Rachel walked away.

The next couple of weeks Katherine tried to talk to Rachel, but she wouldn’t budge. As the days and weeks progressed, Katherine slowly stopped asking.

One night, Katherine snuck out. She brought a candle just in case she needed it. She was walking by the forest when she heard the rustle of leaves. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned slowly towards the trees and stared into the pitch blackness. She lit her candle, and headed in, determined to figure out what that was. When she entered the forest, there was a huge gust of wind behind her. She turned around so quickly that the candle almost fell over.


There’s nothing there.

Confused, she turned back around and continued to walk. As she got deeper into the forest, it got darker and creepier. She stopped for just a moment on a rock to take a rest. She sat down and a shadow ran by. She stood up with the candle held tightly in her hands. She was scared, but her curiosity got the better of her. She progressed further.

She felt like someone was following her. She kept hearing something in the trees and bushes. Was there more than one, was it just an animal, or is she just being paranoid? She heard something behind her again. She spun around faster than before. This time she saw a glimpse of a girl. Rachel? But how?

“Rachel, is that you?” She heard more rustle of bushes. Emerging from the shadows, Katherine turned around to find, Rachel in view of the candlelight.

“Hello Katherine, glad you could come.”

“What do you mean? How did you know I was going to be in the forest?”

“I didn’t.” Rachel said as she slowly moved towards Katherine.

“So, I hear you’re an outcast like me. Everyone in town thinks you’re strange.”

“I mean…”

“You’re just like me.”

“I am noth…”

“You can be exactly like me.” Katherine didn’t know what to say.

“Um…W-what do you mean, I could be exactly like you?” Katherine said putting the candle down on a rock.

All of the sudden, Rachel went really close to Katherine’s face. Rachel opened her mouth and Katherine saw long sharp fangs. Katherine backed away not taking her eyes off Rachel. She continued to back up not wanting to be close to her. “You’re a-a vampire?”

Rachel wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying.

Katherine couldn’t look away from her mouth. While she was backing up, she fell backwards over a stump.

“Don’t be scared Katherine, I promise, I won’t hurt you.” Rachel held out her hand for Katherine.

She took her hand hesitantly.

“I’m sorry, I scared you Katherine.”

“N-no it’s fine, but you’re a vampire right?”

“Yes, but I don’t drink human blood only animal.”

“What? I thought vampires could only drink human blood. Also, you seem so nice. I thought vampires are mean jerks.”

“No, we can choose. And a lot of vampires are okay. Their not horrible, but they do drink human blood. Not a lot of vampires want to have animal blood, they prefer human.”

“Why do you choose to have animal blood instead?”

“I just think it’s right. Do you want to sit down?” Rachel said gesturing towards a stump.

“Um, yeah.” They both sat on a side of the stump. “So Rachel, what are the pros and cons of only having animal blood?”

“Well, pros, you don’t hurt any humans. Cons, you aren’t as strong.”

“Oh, okay. How old are you, and how long have you been a vampire?”

“Well, I got turned into a vampire when I was 16, and I have been one for 81 years. So that would make me 97, but technically, I will be 16 for eternity.”

“Oh, wow. I kind of want to be one.”

“You can. But, only if you really want to be one. I can turn you. I can also help you control it.”

“Okay, how does this work?”

“Well, Katherine, I bite your arm, suck a little bit of blood. Then, I will bite my own arm, and you will suck some of my blood. Then you have to die within 24 hours, and only then you will be a vampire.”

“Wow, okay, I am ready.” Rachel grabs Katherine’s arm and sinks her fangs deep into her skin. “ARRRGHHH! EEEYOUCH!”

Rachel started to suck some blood out.


Rachel pulled away and then bite her own arm. “Okay, your turn.”

“This doesn’t seem right.”

“Katherine, just drink it.”

“Okay.” Katherine put her lips against Rachel’s surprisingly warm arm. As she began to suck the blood out, it tasted almost sweet.

Rachel had to push Katherine off because she wouldn’t let go.

“Katherine, this will only hurt for a second.”

“What, what wi…”

Rachel grabbed her neck and turned it really fast. CCRRH. The neck snapped, and she fell limp in Rachel’s arm. Katherine’s dead-weight lay motionless in her arms.


She wasn’t waking up.

NO! Did I do something wrong? Did I forget something. Rachel thought, terrified of what she just did.

Katherine’s fingers started to twitch, then her arm twitched. She stood up, placed her hands firmly on her jaw and cracked it back. She stood there for a moment taken back. She started to smell something sweet, but what could this glorious thing be? Katherine was sniffing all around, “Rachel, what is that? What is that delicious smell?”

“That Katherine is blood. I will teach you how to control your thirst. But first you need to learn how to work your speed.”

“Speed? Wait, how fast can I go?”

“I don’t know. But try running towards me.” Katherine backed up pretty far, she started to run, and picked up speed. She’s going really fast.

“Katherine stop!”

Just before she hit Rachel, she stopped. But, she lost her balance, and fell on Rachel. Rachel helped her back to her feet. “Careful there.”

“That was so cool, I can’t believe how fast I went.”

“It makes you feel free, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it feels…Magnificent.”

Katherine walked around for a bit, feeling the leaves run through her fingers. She started to run again, feeling that light cool breeze blowing through her long black hair. It flowed through the wind as she ran. The faster she went, the more free she felt. She finally came back to Rachel. “What else can I do?”

“Well you’re stronger.”


Rachel shook her head as the smile on her face widened. “Go on, pick up that boulder.”

As she lifted the boulder, her muscles contracted and tightened. She used so much force, she lifted that boulder higher into the air until it was high above her head. When she put the boulder back down her muscles released. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just lifted that.”

“Oh, before I forget, here.” Rachel said taking off one of the silver necklaces with a blue sapphire gem, and handing it to Katherine.

She took it from her hand, “What is this?”

“You must wear that necklace all the time. It will protect you from the sun.”

“How did you get this?”

“The person who turned me into a vampire, gave me two, and told me to give it to someone who deserves it. I think you deserve it.”

“Thanks.” Katherine said putting on the necklace.

“Alright, now it’s time to teach you how to hunt and control your thirst.”

“Okay, how do I do that?”

“Find your prey. Smell your prey.”

Katherine sits there for a minute, when she smells the thing she’s been craving this whole time. Her head shifts from the left to the right, trying to pinpoint where it’s coming from.

“I can smell it.”

“Good, find out exactly where it’s coming from.”

She sniffed around more. She turned her head ever so slightly to the right. “Over there, that’s where it is.”

“Great Katherine, now follow the scent and catch your prey.”

Katherine crouched down and let her nose lead her. Something scurried across the ground. She ran fast. And pounced. It was a mouse, she sank her teeth into the skin of the mouse. She could feel the blood ooze into her mouth, as she sucked the blood from the lifeless body. She felt the hunger slip away as she felt the warmth of the blood running down her throat. When she was done, she dropped the mouse on the ground and wiped the blood from her mouth.

They spent the rest of the night practicing. They didn’t even realize how late it was until the sun started to come up.

“Rachel it’s day, we should probably get back to town before anyone sees us out here.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. But you need to use a lot of strength when we get into town. There will be many people there, and it will be hard to contain yourself. You need to control your hunger. We can’t let anyone know that we are vampires.”

“I will, I promise, I might need help though.”  

“Don’t worry, I will help you.”

They made their way out, without being seen. Once they got to town where there’s a lot of smells, Katherine was having a very hard time. The fragrance of the blood filled Katherine’s nostrils. Her fangs came out, her veins were protruding from her neck. She couldn’t contain herself.

Rachel held her in place until she calmed down. “Hey, Rachel, you know you’re the only real friend I have ever had.”

“Really? Cause you’re really the only friend that’s accepted me for me.”

So now the adventure begins of the vampires, Rachel and Katherine.

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