Endless Love

Photo provided by Sue Vincent

In the midst of these circumstances I mourn

In the midst of these circumstances I’m reborn


Heavy like the downpour of rain

But light enough to ease the pain


Wrapped up in the fragrance of the living

Utterly grateful this beauty’s wildly giving


I feel the gentleness of her lips on mine

Wanting and needing my sweet Caroline


She left my side sooner than we all expected

This garden, as I sit, helps me feel connected


My love for her will outlast the stars in the sky

We’ll be rejoined, never needing to say goodbye


– Anneberly Andrews –


Another wonderful weekly Thursday Photo Prompt hosted by Sue Vincent Fragrant #writephoto.

16 thoughts on “Endless Love

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was buried deep. I don’t like to think about the possibility of living without my husband. It brings great sadness to my soul. It may sound strange, but poems like these help to ease my heart, and refrain from worry for at least little while. 🙂

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