Halloween of 1936

Guest Appearance:

Writer’s Name: Savanna A.

Writer’s Age: 14 years old

Words: 937

StockSnap via Pixabay

Emma Morgan was walking down a path close to the forest, with her friends Jane, Madison, and Chloe. Whenever she or any of her friends would go to the forest, or even pass by it, they would always feel like someone was watching them. Even people in the town tried their hardest to stay away from it.

The forest was dark green. The trees were so close together that barely any sun shone through the leaves. At night, it was the creepiest. No one ever walked by it.

As Emma and her friends were walking by, she heard what sounded like twigs breaking in the forest. She wasn’t the only one who heard this. Everyone looked towards the forest, scared with what might be watching them. As they inched closer to the sound, they saw a shadow run past them. They all screamed and stopped walking. Too terrified to even move. The figure began to come out of the woods on all fours, moving slowly towards them. No one could move. They were transfixed on what was coming their way. As if they would be taken if they looked away.

Emma woke up screaming, and drenched in sweat. Her parents came running into the bedroom, “Emma are you okay? Why were you screaming?”

All Emma could say was “He was coming after me. He almost grabbed me.”

With a look of confusion and worry. Mom said, “Who? Who was after you? Who almost grabbed you? There is no one here!”

“Not here. Next to the woods. He almost caught me, and I couldn’t move.” She suddenly started to cry just thinking about it.

Dad said, “Sweetie it was just a nightmare. No one is out to get you. You’re safe here.”

Her parents sat down on her bed. This seemed to calm her down just enough to stop the tears falling from her face.

“Do you want to tell us what happened in the dream.”

Emma shook her head no. “But it felt so real.” She said in a quiet whisper.

“I promise you, you’re safe here. No one will hurt you. Not while we’re here,” Dad said.

They left her room. Before she went to bed she checked the time, it was 3:41am. She then remembered that today was October 31st.

BRRRING! BRRRING! BRRRING! She woke up to her alarm going off. She didn’t even remember falling asleep.

Emma made her way to school and found her friends. She told them all about her dream.

That night her and her friends got into their costumes. They were outside going door to door, filling their bags with candy. They started to walk down the sidewalk, close to the forest.

Emma was so scared that even little kids walking by, startled her. She was petrified that at any moment the creature would come out of the forest, and this time actually grab her. They almost passed it when all of them heard what sounded like twigs breaking.

“What was that?” Madison asked.

Finally Emma turned around with the rest of them to look and see what made the sound. Emma dropped her bag on the ground, walked towards the woods, stopped right in front of it and started to whisper, “He’s coming to get me, he’s going to take me away.”

Her friends rushed over and tried to pull her away, but she was as stiff as a rock, and was not going anywhere. “He wants me, I need to go after him. He doesn’t want to come out because you guys are here. You’re scaring him away!”

They were all so scared, so confused with what was happening, as if Emma was possessed by whatever was in the woods. She walked right into the forest, they were calling after her saying “Emma this isn’t funny come back, Please!”

“Hey, what are you guys doing over there?” They looked to see who it was.

It was a tall, brown haired man, probably around his 30’s.

“We’re trying to get our friend out of the woods,” Chloe replied.

“Um… What friend?” They all turned around to find that Emma had disappeared.  

¨Is something wrong,¨ asked the man.

Frightened that whatever took Emma, would take them too. Jane said, “We need to tell her parents!”

He thought they were just crazy kids.

Without looking back, Madison, Chloe, and Jane ran all the way back to Emma’s house.

They told her parents about the dream and everything that had happened tonight. Once they told her parents, they immediately called the cops. While they were waiting for the cops to arrive, they sat down on the front porch.

From the distance they heard sirens. They were looking at the road hoping that Emma would just walk up to them, telling them that it was all just a prank. But it never happened.

¨What do you think happened to Emma?¨ Jane asked.

¨I don’t know… But I hope she’s okay.¨ Madison said.

Once the police came, they asked all three of them multiple questions. The police called search and rescue. They spent many hours of many days looking for her.

Search and rescue used bloodhounds. The dogs were following her scent, when all of the sudden they stopped in the middle of the woods and laid down on the ground. This was very odd behavior for these dogs.

After months and months there was still no sign of Emma. To this day, no one knows what happened to the 10 year old girl, Emma Morgan, on Halloween night of 1936. No one has entered the forest since that night.

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