Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

      Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Written by J.K. Rowling Illustrated by Jim Kay 246 pages The story begins by diving into Harry Potter’s backstory and the current life he is living with his horrible Muggle relatives. Instantly, the readers feel a deep sorrow for this unfortunate boy. Harry Potter quickly finds […]

No More S’mores

‘Write a two-page short story of a place you visited during your summer vacation. Describe the destination, emotions, and an event that occurred.’  Usually, the first assignment of the school year receives an overly dramatic eye roll. I hate writing. And I especially hate writing about my summer vacation. But this year was different, I […]


Chilly, darkened sky Flames ignite colors of warmth Fiery light burns – Anneberly Andrews – 


My eyes fluttered, just as nausea rose up through my belly to the top of my tongue. Confusion devoured the little bit of awareness that was lurking in the shadows. As I attempted to flutter past the blurry darkness of unconsciousness, and come into some semblance of wakefulness, pressure built deep within my throat, pushing […]

Timber House

  After searching the main level of the house and the backyard for my mother, I made my way down into the basement where she had built a dark room so that she could develop the photographs she was taking. The door to the dark room was shut, the sign on the door read, developing […]

Green Beauty

  Vibrant green foliage Thriving together as one Life sprouts willingly   – Anneberly Andrews – Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Weekly Photo Prompt Shade #writephoto.