‘Twas the Morning Before Monday

‘Twas the morning before Monday, when all of the outdoors Were weeping, not sleeping, as people rode their snowboards Down the mountainside time and time again Mother Nature complained about a serious migraine Pleading for the sun to fade behind a thick, dark cloud And the humans to quit being so loud Enough was enough, […]

Under the Mistletoe

Under the Mistletoe                                                                         Under the mistletoe, I wait ‘Cause the feelings won’t fade away Under the mistletoe, I wait Insides […]

Christmas Lights

The Christmas season is my favorite season. Not because of the commercial aspect of it, but because of the feeling that is in the air, and the magic that surrounds us. People tend to be more giving and a bit more nice during this time of year. It seems that everyone is touched in some […]

Soul Mates

  Soul Mates Soul to soul, Heart to heart, so in love, right from the start While I stare at you completely inspired The look in your eyes drives me insanely wild When the world has spun me out of control The sound of your voice calms the very depths of my soul My heart […]

Spare Moments

Too many years, I have allowed life to get in the way of my writing. Now, as the seconds pass by, I do what I can to schedule or sneak in some writing time. I definitely do not write as much as I would like – – that day will come. I actually would be […]

Wasted the Day

Wasted the Day Wasted the day for I thought I was right Wasted the day locked in an unnecessary fight Wasted the day trapped in thick, dense fog Wasted the day chained like an outside dog Wasted the day destroys happiness quite fast Wasted the day now occupies my past   – Anneberly Andrews –

Turkey Trot

“Mom, the Turkey Trot is today, can we go? Please, please, please.” Melanie begs. “Hush, Melanie. This year is a special year for you. Why would you think we weren’t going?” A frown stretched across her face, as tears ran down her cheeks. “Because great-grandpa and great-grandma went to heaven.” Melanie’s mom opened her arms, […]